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Our philosophy is simply, yet very effective: 
We are a company run by fur producers with the simple goal of reducing the price that fur farmers have to pay for wire mesh and fur farming accessories. No more middlemen !!!  Same sales price no matter where in the world you are located !!  Directly from the factory to you !!

We are able to offer you a lower price because we are producing where  production is the cheapest. By keeping our inventory to a minimum we avoid extra expenses, and no middleman !!!  Our prices are based on the market price of the raw materials, so the price we quote to you is directly related to the value of the raw materials !!!  Your price is the real Marketprice; unbeatable !!

We do not compromise on quality!!  Our raw materials are the best for your specific product !!  We control the whole production process, and deliver the goods that you want !!  Your quality is controlled by a specialist for you.

You are our partner, and if we can reduce your cost of doing business we ensure that we have a customer for life.  Your success is our success.

Our pricelist is open to all our customers.  We regularly update it to give you the current marketprice and you can calculate your price yourself !!  Comparing prices has never been easier.

Our employees, just like our sales people, have a background in the fur industry.  No matter whether the person producing the goods, doing the quality control or packing, they understand the products you ordered, and understand for what they will be used.  Quality-control has got your standard.

We involve you in the whole production process, from visiting you on your farm and  keeping you informed about your goods as the go through the production process, to ensuring that your goods are delivered on time !!  Production we do with you !!!     


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